"Stay Cool." Little man laughing at one of my funny jokes.
“Stay Cool.” Little Paris laughing at one of my legendary and funny jokes.

I stumbled on this short clip last night, and even though nothing ‘eventful’ happened, I remembered how great this moment was for me. I shot it one week after my little nephew Paris turned one. We were in my grandmother’s living room and he began ‘speaking,’ but stopped just as I grabbed my camera and started filming.

I watched his eyes wander all over the place, looking at his environment and taking it all in with such bewilderment and awe. What is he looking at? What does he see? Why is he smiling? What is he saying!? This is the beauty, I suppose, of children. They have the privilege of viewing the world without pretense or judgement. Children have the benefit of seeing things for the first time, as they are, taking it all in, and perhaps finding excitement in the newness of it all.

And this is why I love my little nephew. I’ve probably watched this about 800 times, and with each view, I’m inspired to see, experience, create and approach the world in these very same ways.

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